Reglas de Reclutamiento: Países de Empleo
El reclutamiento de migrantes en la región de México y Centroamérica para el trabajo temporal en los Estados Unidos y Canadá
Reglas de Reclutamiento: Países de Origen
Análisis comparativo de leyes de reclutamiento para trabajadores en el exterior en México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, y Nicaragua
"MONEY TRANSFERS TO MEXICO" - A Manual Examining the Transfer of Funds from U.S. Advocates to Clients in Mexico
The new edition of the manual provides updated information, including concrete tips and examples, to help advocates send settlement funds to their clients in Mexico.
Web Release: "Visa Pages" resource probes U.S. temporary work visas
New online "Visa Pages" are a one-stop resource for information about the non-immigrant visas U.S. employers use to bring temporary foreign workers to the United States.
Report Release: Visas, Inc.
Read about how the landscape of American employment is being dramatically altered by an expanding system of guestworker visas issued to hundreds of thousands of foreign workers.
Global Workers meets with Advocates in Tlaxcala
Global Workers and Allies Convene Discussion Panel and Press Conference on Recruitment Regulations and their failure to protect workers

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Congress considers bringing in more foreign workers to fill seasonal jobs (source:

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