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Five organizations within Mexico and the United States met to investigate the conditions of recruitment and employment of seasonal agricultural workers with H-2A visas: Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Centro Independiente de Trabajadores Agricolas (CITA), Dimensión Pastoral de la Movilidad Humana (DPMH), Global Workers Justice Alliance, and United Farm Workers. The project aims to improve employment and working conditions of H-2A farmworkers through trainings directly to migrant workers, developing relationship with key players who work on the issue, an awareness campaign in Mexico regarding the reality of H-2A visas, and engaging both governments to improve their policies through advocacy.

The report, Jornaleros mexicanos en EU con visa: los modernos olvidados, extracted information from seven states in Mexico: Baja California, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi, Sonora and Veracruz.
The H-2A visa U.S. is a temporary work program for agricultural workers that is controlled, funded, and managed by the U.S. agricultural companies and recruiters. H-2A visas allow U.S. employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis to perform work exclusively in the agricultural sector, as long as there are no U.S. workers available locally. The employer must cover the cost of the visa, the cost of transportation from their communities, housing, and ensure at least three quarters of the wages stated in the offer or contract.
The majority of H-2A workers are from Mexico (over 90%). From 1997 to 2010, the entire program grew 349% and has varied, but this trend is unlikely to disappear.
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More than 3,000 people in over 19 states in Mexico defrauded by company Chamba Mexico. Read press release (spanish)

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April 24,  2013
Press Conference: Chamba Mexico Massive Fraud Case -  
Caso de Fraude Masico de empresa denominada "Chamba Mexico" en más de 19 estados.
Mexico City, Mexico
November 13, 2013
Jornaleros-SAFE Press Conference and Report Release - Rueda de Prensa y Lanzamiento de Informe Jornaleros-SAFE 
Mexico City, Mexico

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Press Conference - 3,000 Workers Defrauded by Chamba MX (LIVE pre-recording):

Video streaming by Ustream

Worker Testimony - Chamba MX Fraud Case
Jornaleros-SAFE Documentary
Watch the 3-part documentary produced as part of the educational campaign in Mexico, click on the links to download the videos):
Vivir en estaciones (Living by seasons)
Que tu comida no explote (Your food shouldn't exploit)
Visas H-2A  (H-2A visas)
Noticiero Univision - Our very own, Mexico Program Director, Griselda Vega was interviewed for this segment, "Abusos contra jornaleros (Abuses against migrant workers)"! Watch as reknown journalist Jorge Ramos introduces the segment during the November 16, 2012 national news coverage Noticiero Univision at 6:30 PM EST.  
Report Release and Press Conference (LIVE pre-recording):
More video from this event:

Chamba MX Fraud Case:

El Universal (Mexico)

El Occidental (Mexico)

El Financiero (Mexico)


Jornaleros-SAFE Report Release:

Excelsior (Mexico)

Proceso (Mexico)

El Universal (Mexico)

La Jornada (Mexico)

Vertigo Politico (Mexico)

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