Board of Advisors

Muneer Ahmad
Clinical Professor of Law
Yale Law School
Robin Alexander
Retired as Director, International Labor Affairs
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE)
Hugo Ayala
Human Rights Attorney
Mary Bauer
Executive Director
Legal Aid Justice Center
Jorge Bustamante
University of Notre Dame
Lance Compa
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Collective Bargaining
Labor Law & Labor History
Cornell University, ILR School
Claudia Gonzalez Orellana
Human Rights Attorney
Julia Harrington
Senior Legal Officer, Equality and Citizenship
Equal Justice Initiative
Open Society Institute
Neha Misra
Senior Specialist, Migration and Human Trafficking
Solidarity Center
Patricia Juan Pineda
Labor Law Attorney
Randall Quan
Senior Partner
Community Resource Exchange
Janelle Saffin
Australian Parliamentarian

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